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Get Your Bounce Back: 31 Days of Focus
Devotional Journal for Reinvention, Inspiration, and Growth


The Get Your Bounce Back Devotional Journal provides a transformative framework to help you thrive in the face of adversity God's way.

Based on the book "Get Your Bounce Back: A Crash Course in Resilience, this devotional takes you on a 31-day journey of growing closer to God.

Daily devotionals are centered around four pillars:

SCRIPTURE - anchoring yourself in the Word of God enables you to grow spiritually by putting God first

REFLECTION - an excerpt from the "Get Your Bounce Back" book helps you connect scripture to your life.

FOCUS QUESTIONS - helps you to put daily lessons and scripture into action

ACTIVATION - activate your faith by declaring God's word over you life.

*(BONUS) LOVE NOTE TO SELF - encourage yourself through words of kindness and compassion

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